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The company provides work and geological survey.

Velizská 597, Zdice

Luděk Brumovský - instalatérství a topenářství

Company provides repair and water plumbing installation, heating, gas installation, sanitation, ventilation, and air-conditioning. Also offers repair industrial boilers and pressure vessels.

Plzeňská 278/87, Beroun

Markéta Ulmanová - Zahradnictví - Dvůr Pták

The company offers flowers and gifts.

Dvůr Pták 866, Beroun

Feroprag, spol. s r.o.

In addition to the supply of metallurgical materials provide a lesser extent, metal work, welding and bricklaying. On the basis of oral or written demand process free quote.

Na Morákově 1655, Beroun

Marika Dvořáčková - Lamastav

The company offers the production of buildings and civil engineering.

Kublov 269, Kublov

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