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Ruml Beroun-zařízení pro gastrocentra

We offer the production of stainless steel equipment for gastronomic centra.Výroba beep, hoods, bartending tables, showcases, gastronábytku including design, assembly and repair.

Plzeňská 31, Králův Dvůr


Albertina Trading Ltd. provides consulting, equipment design, implementation, transportation, installation, operator training, customer service. Speed and flexi...

Chrustenice 156, Chrustenice

Fujifilm Sericol CZ

We are selling colors for screen printing and digital printing, flexography. We provide a helping chemistry. Service network stretching, mixing colors. Consulting activities in the field of screen printing. Goods are transported free of charge within 24 hours.

Nádražní 334, Vráž

VORLICKÝ, STAVEBNÍ STROJE, spol. s r.o.-prodej,pronájem stavební techniky

Sales, rental construction equipment: hladičky, disc, portable power generators, saws, breakers on the wall and floor tiles, hydraulic breakers, immersion vibrators, etc.

Hostímská 901, Beroun

Tomáš Pavel stroje a zařízení, spol. s r.o.

Sales of conventional and CNC machines, milling machines, milling machines, lathes, grinders, drills. Offer new and used machine tools and forming machines. Bazaar with used machines.

Prof. Urbana 885/24, Beroun

Haffner CZ, s.r.o.

We provide representation of Haffner GmbH, which manufactures machines and equipment for manufacturing windows.

Masarykova 1436/27, Hořovice

Ing. Václav Heřbolt - gastronomie

Vendor gastronomic facilities and equipment.

Masarykova 1418/5a, Hořovice

Petr Abraham - filtrace

Vendor filtration materials, fans and hoods. Ensuring the well drilling and drying of the wall.

U Skály II 437, Hudlice

Vladimír Němec - revize a opravy výtahů

We offer the manufacture of lifting and handling equipment.

Chrustenice 56, Chrustenice

Ourway, s.r.o.

Sales of mechanical vending machines with chewing gum and toys.

Husovo náměstí 71/11, Hořovice

Ing. Miroslav Štochl - hydraulika

We offer sales and service of hydraulic equipment.

Chaloupky 38, Chaloupky

Jeroným Pokorný - vybavení autoservisů

Car-dealer and tire services. Offer kompresiometru for cars and trucks.

Mořina 125, Mořina

Ing. Miroslav Kavalír - kancelářské potřeby

Seller of adhesives and adhesive tapes.

Svinaře 3, Svinaře

Jaroslav Sokol - rozvoz vody

Performing barrel water delivery to homes, offices, businesses and hospitals. Sales and service aquabarů.

Všeradice 25, Všeradice

Miloš Anděl - vzduchotechnika

We offer sales, installation and servicing of air conditioning.

Všeradice 126, Všeradice

Zemědělská technika Beroun, a.s.

Supply and repair of pumps, garden equipment, faecal machines, pumps. Repair of electric motors, agricultural, construction and earthmoving machinery. Metalworking.

Na Máchovně 1270, Beroun


Sales of office supplies and equipment.

Kostelní 148/3, Beroun

SUSPRO s.r.o.

Supply and servicing of industrial pumps. Offer services to the automotive industry.

Pražská 809, Beroun

Insys stavební a průmyslové potřeby, s.r.o.

Offer soldering techniques, solder, solder pastes and fluxes. Offer tools for hobbyists and professionals.

Na Morákově 365, Beroun

Kovo SDS, s.r.o.

Offer pressure and hydraulic hose and fittings. Purchase, processing and sale of scrap metal and nonferrous metals.

Pod nádražím 1422, Hořovice

Zeos agri, spol. s r.o.,zemědělská technika

We offer our services in selling and servicing agricultural machinery.

Cintlovka 75, Hořovice


Timber and forestry tractors and tractor společnost.Vývoz vleků.Prodej, servicing of agricultural machinery, forestry machinery.

Palackého náměstí 77, Hořovice

APT Czech, s.r.o.-prodej,servis vybavení auto-pneuservisů

Sale and repair of equipment for car repair and tire services.

Pod nádražím 654, Hořovice

Prodejce traktorů-Topagri, s.r.o.

Sales of agricultural tractors Valtra brand.

Košťálkova 1527, Beroun

Orta - Praha, s.r.o.prodej stavební techniky,bazar

The biggest bazaar in carpentry technology used in the country. Sales of wood-working and woodworking machines and equipment.

Na Dražkách , Beroun

Michal Špaček-zabezpečovací technika

Offer design, installation and servicing of security equipment, alarms.

Malé Přílepy 98, Chyňava

Kverneland Group Czech, s.r.o.-zemědělská technika

Repair and sale of equipment for agriculture, the planting and protection of soil and plant nutrition. Also for the harvest.

Košťálkova 1527, Beroun

Euroclass, s.r.o.-zabezpečovací technika

Sales of security equipment, alarms for motorcycles and bicycles.

Vojanova 615/37, Beroun

Jiří Hruška - Prodej kancelářského nábytku

Sales of office furniture.

Na Ostrově 2/14, Beroun

Rollon, s.r.o.

Manufacturer of linear and circular line and mobile units driven by a toothed belt.

Na Máchovně 1270, Beroun

Radek Čermák - kancelářské potřeby

Dealer paper and office supplies. Implementation of copying.

třída Míru 1397/169, Beroun

Dao, s.r.o.-čerpací a sanitární technika

Wholesale pumps and plumbing equipment including příslušenství.Velký selection of home and garden čerpadel.Obchodní representation of Zehnder Pumpen.

Na Poříčí 44, Králův Dvůr

Aurednik CS, spol. s r.o.-papírnictví,kancelářské potřeby

Shop office supplies, teaching materials and aids for disabled children. Sales of school supplies for business and art.

Trubín 84, Trubín

Rocktech, s.r.o.-prodej stavební techniky

Vendor equipment for mining rock excavation tunelů.Prodej kits for drilling and tunneling studní.Důlní platforms and hydraulic demolition equipment.

Tovární 435, Králův Dvůr

Kešner, a.s.-technologie,logistika

Technology, conveyor belts, construction, engineering and technology logistika.Prodej zařízení.Zhotovení belt dopravníků.Dodávky technological units and lines.

Králův Dvůr 390, Králův Dvůr

a.f.a. International, s.r.o.-vybavení prodejen,reklama

Sale and supply of equipment for shops and prodejny.Vstupní equipment, turnstiles, and shopping baskets and shelves offer. Advertising.

Na Louce 1, Králův Dvůr

Fryauf Filmix, s.r.o.-průmyslové stroje,vybavení

Sale of filter press, pearl mills, mixers and special disolverů. Offer úderových grinding systems, industrial tinting machines and dewatering screw presses.

Plzeňská 485, Králův Dvůr

TUSAN, s.r.o. - e-shop s ochrannými prostředky

Offer services in fire protection and safety. Includes the sale of equipment, fire units, fire protection equipment building, security marking and special equipment.

Bohumila Hájka 185, Králův Dvůr

Jan Podhorník - náhradní díly

We supply spare parts and accessories for tractors.

Loškovská 376, Žebrák


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