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Vinitas, k.s. (Branch Beroun)

Company Vinitas imports for you distinctive wines from selected wine regions around the world for reasonable prices. We choose only quality wines, which we impo...

Holandská 122, Beroun

Svět zdraví VERONA

U Archivu 156, Beroun

Monika Svatá - e-shop dětské tepláky

Sales of men and women, sports trousers.

Tetín 249, Beroun

Provence květiny

Hornohradební, Beroun

Vinitas, k.s.

Company Vinitas imports distinctive wines from selected wine regions around the world for reasonable prices. We choose only quality wines, which we import direc...

Chrustenice 213, Chrustenice

Ski sport - Králův Dvůr

Nad Stadionem 357, Králův Dvůr

Martin Zíma obchod sofistikovanými palivy

Rovina 89, Hlásná Třebaň

Dream Centre

a. pacovského 190, žebrák


Křivoklátská 71, Nižbor

Cafe - Solná jeskyně Beroun

Na Příkopě 74/7, Beroun

3P-CHEM, s.r.o.-obaly z kovu

Supply of metal packaging tin-boxes, patent, buckets, jerry cans. Certified. The possibility of printing sheet metal packaging the client. Expert repairs and supplies.

Popovice ev.č. 12, Králův Dvůr

Marie Menyová, prodej železářského zboží

Sales of general hardware, tools for home tinkering.

Hostomice 503, Hostomice

SVIPRA, s.r.o.-prodej OOPP

We produce and sell the entire range of PPE. Types: antistatic, NOMEX.

Svinaře 63, Svinaře

UCB TECHNOMETAL, s.r.o.-hutnictví

Sales profiles of gray and ductile alloy Consulting foundry, metalworking. Manufacture of cast iron preparations, iron housings. Turning, drilling, milling.

Chrustenice 163, Loděnice

Obchůdek u žížalky

Here you will find a wide assortment of toys for boys and girls, toys and small and large.

Slunečná 402, Králův Dvůr

DEN JAK SEN, s.r.o.

DEN JAK SEN, Ltd., is absolutely the first to the beginning of 2004 brought to the Czech market experience, totally new kind of gift - experience in gift packaging. Adrenaline, romance. Organisation of weddings at the castle under water.

Husovo nám. 12, Loděnice


Sell carpet pieces, carpet in the piece as well as residential, office, object carpets, PVC flooring, rugs, mats.

Drašarova 155/15, Beroun-Město

VOK Beroun, spol. s r.o.-prodej nářadí

Sales of craft goods and tools, keys, pliers, screwdrivers, abrasives, levels, protective equipment. Hand tools, power. Shop fasteners.

Pražská 86/20, Beroun

Alca CZ, a.s., e-shop

Import, process and deliver to market a wide range of more than 10,000 different flexible abrasives, and meets the specific demand from many fields of human act...

Hořelická 334, Loděnice

Kola Šírer, s.r.o.-cyklistika

Specialized sale of cycling needs. Professional Service. Bicycles various brands, including accessories.

V Plzeňské bráně 1, Beroun

AT - Kreisinger, spol. s r.o.-zemědělská chemie

Retail sales of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers. Sales of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides. Consulting activity. Training activities.

9. května 245/6, Hořovice

Jaroslava Ladovská. prodej spodního prádla

Trade in your underwear for men and women.

9.května 175, Hořovice

KOMFORT Styl, s.r.o. - Kuchyně Beroun

Production of kitchen linkek that the company tries to improve and expand the new color designs, accessories and types of cabinets. Produced as standard and custom production with editing capabilities.

Husovo nám.36, OD KVĚT, 1.patro, Beroun

AKORDEON SERVIS-hudební nástroje

Manufacture of musical instruments, accordions and heligonek. Retail buying and selling. Debugging and general repairs. Piecework, installation of new voices, keyboards, engineer, manufacture bellows. Sales of Italian belts and backpacks.

Buková 1339/9, Hořovice

wide range of textbooks and other materials for learning and teaching English.

Havlíčkova 128, Beroun

Beoz, s.r.o.

Wholesale wiring material.

Pod Hájem 324, Králův Dvůr

WH shop Sturm Mil-tec

E-shop dedicated to the sale of goods militaristic. Replica kits Army World War II.

Slavíkova 76/4, Hořovice


We offer bikes and cyklodoplňky GIANT, Pells, GIRO, BELL, EXUSTAR, Nalini, children bicycles, professional service. Sales of skis, snowboards and ski ATOMIC, DYNAMIC, SCOTT, Madshus, Alpina, FISCHER, WESTIGE. We rent skis, skis and snowboards. Operate e-commerce.

Lesní 1144/2, Hořovice

Riessner - Gase, s.r.o. -výroba,distribuce plynů

Production and distribution of various types of gas, food and technical. Distribution network throughout the Republic.

Komenského 961, Zdice

HB TECHNIK, s.r.o.-prodej nářadí

Sales monolithic rotary tools of sintered metal carbides. Supply cutters, drills, reamers, and saws.

Malá Víska 52, Malá Viska

Ilona Ráslová, prodej spodního prádla

Sales of branded underwear

Pivovarská 85, Beroun

Aleš Polanecký - SKY PARTNER

Rich offer sightseeing flights, balloon flights or helicopter. Sales of gift certificates.

Felbabka 102, Hořovice


We provide towing and road service cars and trucks, loading and hydraulic extrication hand, storage of vehicles, loaner vehicles were added to the accident site. We provide services in the Republic and throughout Europe non-stop.

Na Hroudě 361, Zdice

SPOJmat Hýskov, s.r.o.-spojovací materiál

Wholesale and retail sale of fasteners. Possibility of buying blind rivets, riveting nuts, bolts, screws, washers and other assortment of this area.

Na Břasích 149, Hýskov

Tomáš Pavel stroje a zařízení, spol. s r.o.

Sales of conventional and CNC machines, milling machines, milling machines, lathes, grinders, drills. Offer new and used machine tools and forming machines. Bazaar with used machines.

Prof. Urbana 885/24, Beroun

Dimex, s.r.o.

The company manufactures a stable, agility and systems for breeding and training horses.

Kublov 232, Kublov

Bio nebio, s.r.o.

The company provides import, manufacture, and distribution of healthy food, organic and fair trade foods.

Čs. armády 144, Zdice

Filip Bezucha - - e-shop

E-shop dedicated to the sale of essential, bath and massage oils, candles, salt lamps, ceramics and toys.

Julia Fučíka 1188/15, Beroun


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