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Klimeš Ondřej

Nad Stadionem 335, Králův Dvůr

Čištění kanalizace Beroun

K Hájům 7, Praha 5

Karlova 426, Beroun 3

DRDA - STAIS s.r.o.

Škroupova 854, Beroun

Hodinový manžel

J. Hory 1107, Beroun

Požární odvětrání s.r.o.

Luční 139, Králův Dvůr - Zahořany


Borová 204, Králův Dvůr - Zahořany

Palivové dřevo do krbu, dřevěné brikety a pelety, zahradní grily

Sale of firewood in the fireplace. Largest producer and seller of fuel for firewood, wood briquettes and wood pellets in the country. Wood pellets and briquettes. Sales and service of garden grill for direct and indirect grilling.


Pavel Kisling

Podbrdy 68, Podbrdy

František Másler

Sell lighting.

Libomyšl 164, Libomyšl

Palivové dřevo Beroun

Na Máchovně 1270, Beroun


Borová 204, Králův Dvůr- Zahořany

AQUA Plus luxusní koupelny

Offer bathroom.

Okružní 1467/6, Beroun

Českomoravský beton, a.s.

Beroun-Město 660, Beroun

Jan Neubauer - stavební práce

Carry out the works, adaptations of interior, exterior, laying of floor coverings, tiles, paving, reconstruction including equipment supply. Offers metalwork, manufacturing gates, gates, railings. Assembly, sales, service recovery and solar systems.

Smetanova 205/7, Beroun-Závodí

Josef Horký

Production of Euro windows, wood windows, doors and balcony Company is engaged in manufacturing custom wood windows, entrance doors and conservatories, including accessories such as exterior blinds, shutters, insect screens, interior and exterior window sills.

Strmá 494, Žebrák


We produce mobile toilets.

nám. 9. května 1, Tetín

Bazény, s.r.o.

Manufacturer of swimming pools.

Cintlovka 535, Hořovice

TUCARPA, s.r.o.

We manufacture, sale and assembly of plastic and aluminum windows, interior and entrance doors, including all services and accessories - blinds, window sills, blinds, mosquito nets. We provide complete service from surveying, the assembly and finishing.

Plzeňská 33/32, Beroun-Město

Ing. JINDŘICH GRÜNWALD - Plynová zařízení

We design, delivery, installation, and inspection of gas appliances and heating systems. Solid fuel boilers, gas and condensing boilers, electric, water heating, solar heating. Authorization for environmental engineering construction.

Husova 178, Zdice

SPI TRADE, s.r.o.

Wholesale and retail roofing supplies and installs products ROVA, GOODLOCK, Ruukki, LINDAB. Roof sheeting and accessories EUROVENT. VIOS eaves. Roof windows and attic stairs FAKRO, fasteners EJOT. TR polyurethane panels and plates. Scaffolding hire, sales.

U Židovského hřbitova 235, Beroun-Město


Massive name is generally associated with innovation, this connection is often considered self-evident, but MASSIVE is just about technology, MASSIVE is also cl...

Králův Dvůr-Počaply 322, Králův Dvůr


Our company-ALFA LIGHTING, Ltd. has been for several years engaged in the sale of plastic windows and dveří.vyrobené of German REHAU profiles, which include the best selling Evrpském market, and are equipped with high-quality hardware components ROTO NT, with EPDM seal in two colors: black and gray. Most of the extruded gasket profiles.

Na Břasích 491, Hýskov

Winko, spol. s r.o.

Manufacture and sale of plastic windows.

Nižbor-Stradonice ev.č. 99, Nižbor


Sell carpet pieces, carpet in the piece as well as residential, office, object carpets, PVC flooring, rugs, mats.

Drašarova 155/15, Beroun-Město

AUTRONIC, s.r.o.

The company is engaged in the manufacture, import, wholesale and retail sale of rattan and wooden furniture and housing accessories. We offer chairs, tables, chairs, rocking chairs, TV tables, stylish furniture, artificial flowers, clocks, furniture for hotels and restaurants.

Chrustenice 158, Chrustenice

Veduta, s.r.o.

Czech netypových supplier of wooden buildings. Beam structure, sandwich walls, housing suitable for allergy space is subordinated to the needs of the client. Turnkey for completion by the investor.

nám.Kapitána Kučery 55, Cerhovice

Martin Kraus - MAKRA

We manufacture kitchen MAKRA, doors and gates MAKRO MAKRO. Assemble and install kitchens to order.

Vysoký Újezd 131, Vysoký Újezd

BLACK Wind, s.r.o.

We are a supplier of quality plastic and wooden windows, doors and accessories. We want to offer products and services meet your expectations, therefore, to approach each customer with individual solutions.

Lidická 148/4, Beroun


We offer laminate and wooden flooring, parquet, laminated moldings, oak planks, exotic woods, wooden stairs, including installation. We provide complete supply: sales and installation. Orientation and quotation free of charge. Car grinders.

nám.Kapitána Kučery 55, Cerhovice

ZL Interiér

We supply and install interior doors, exterior doors and door frames (CAG, SAPELI), built-in wardrobes, laminate flooring. We also offer handles and door hardware, locks, sealing windows and doors. We provide complete services, from orientation to implementation.

Valdecká 87, Hořovice

Jesy, spol. s r.o.

CZECH MANUFACTURER Turnkey * * Controllers for HVAC controllers, industrial heating * Heat pumps for detached houses * Installation of our products * Control of gas boilers

Na Cvičírně 188, Liteň

ALUPRA, spol. s r.o.

We manufacture, install and provide service: roller garage doors, sectional, folding, roller shutters, rolling grilles, industrial and high speed doors. We manufacture and assemble: entrance gates, and actuators.

Pražská 323, Loděnice

SMS Stavebniny Hýskov

We provide rough construction, reconstruction, complete delivery of civil and residential buildings for retail investors, businesses and government administration. Sales of building materials and tools. We also offer a direct route for delivery prices to the destination.

Na Břasích 132, Hýskov

NoVi Metal, s.r.o.

Sell all of your fences, fencing, fencing, posts, gates, gates. We offer breeding, forestry, garden, sheep and branch tissue. Production podhrabových (concrete) boards, nails. We provide installation and construction of fences.

Na Máchovně 1270, Beroun-Město


Wholesale and retail of building materials. We offer Rigips plasterboard, mortar Knauf insulation facades Weber Terranova, roofing Bramac, KM Beta, Velux roof, insulation Ursa. Imports of materials, including composition, six tons of auto loader.

Plzeňská 25, Žebrák


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