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Aqua Prim - distribuce, Tomáš Koníček

Slunečná 402, Králův Dvůr

AUTRONIC, s.r.o.

The company is engaged in the manufacture, import, wholesale and retail sale of rattan and wooden furniture and housing accessories. We offer chairs, tables, chairs, rocking chairs, TV tables, stylish furniture, artificial flowers, clocks, furniture for hotels and restaurants.

Chrustenice 158, Chrustenice

Cosmetica Bohemica s.r.o. - BOEMI-výrobna mýdel a kosmetiky

Manual production of soap / glycerine, crystal / .Výroba natural gift products, cosmetics, body care and hair. Unusual gift assortment.

Chrustenice 25, Chrustenice


Massive name is generally associated with innovation, this connection is often considered self-evident, but MASSIVE is just about technology, MASSIVE is also cl...

Králův Dvůr-Počaply 322, Králův Dvůr

SVIPRA, s.r.o.-prodej OOPP

We produce and sell the entire range of PPE. Types: antistatic, NOMEX.

Svinaře 63, Svinaře

STER metal, s.r.o.-prodej hutního materiálu

Sale of metallurgical material from non-ferrous metals. We supply sheets, rods, tubes, plates, profiles, Jäckl. Cutting sheets.

Ke stadionu 147/2, Hořovice

STAMAT - PS, s.r.o.-hutní materiál

Sale of metallurgical material, sheets, tubes, beams, reinforcing bars, sheets. Various types of hollow-large selection.

Za Dálnicí 512, Žebrák

Nett - Metal, s.r.o.-prodejna hutního materiálu

Shop metallurgical material from non-ferrous metals, brass, aluminum, copper, bronze and aluminum.

Náměstí 10, Žebrák

VOK Beroun, spol. s r.o.-prodej nářadí

Sales of craft goods and tools, keys, pliers, screwdrivers, abrasives, levels, protective equipment. Hand tools, power. Shop fasteners.

Pražská 86/20, Beroun

3P-CHEM, s.r.o.-obaly z kovu

Supply of metal packaging tin-boxes, patent, buckets, jerry cans. Certified. The possibility of printing sheet metal packaging the client. Expert repairs and supplies.

Popovice ev.č. 12, Králův Dvůr

AT - Kreisinger, spol. s r.o.-zemědělská chemie

Retail sales of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers. Sales of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides. Consulting activity. Training activities.

9. května 245/6, Hořovice

Alca CZ, a.s., e-shop

Import, process and deliver to market a wide range of more than 10,000 different flexible abrasives, and meets the specific demand from many fields of human act...

Hořelická 334, Loděnice

HB TECHNIK, s.r.o.-prodej nářadí

Sales monolithic rotary tools of sintered metal carbides. Supply cutters, drills, reamers, and saws.

Malá Víska 52, Malá Viska


Wholesale and retail of building materials. We offer Rigips plasterboard, mortar Knauf insulation facades Weber Terranova, roofing Bramac, KM Beta, Velux roof, insulation Ursa. Imports of materials, including composition, six tons of auto loader.

Plzeňská 25, Žebrák

Cymedica, spol. s r.o.

Wholesale pharmaceuticals and medicines.

Pod nádražím 853/17, Hořovice

Elvip, s.r.o.

Wholesale piece of textile and yarn.

Tovární 302, Loděnice


Wholesale and retail: Plastic piping systems for all applications, including předizol. Flexalen PB system and hot water pipes. HAWLE fittings and HL traps.

Náměstí 105, Žebrák

Beoz, s.r.o.

Wholesale wiring material.

Pod Hájem 324, Králův Dvůr

Roman Frýdl-velkoobchod s nápoji

Wholesale of beverages.

Plzeňská 199, Králův Dvůr

Hornschuch CS, spol. s r.o.-vybavení domů,velkoobchod

Wholesale, which offers self-adhesive sheets, table linen, floor coverings and wall.

Nad Stadionem 264, Králův Dvůr

Hornschuch CS, spol. s r.o. - e-shop

E-shop self-adhesive foil.

Nad Stadionem 264, Králův Dvůr

ZAPROS, spol. s r.o.-elektroinstalační materiál,svítidla

Our company offers wholesale and retail lighting and wiring material.

Pod Hájem 434, Králův Dvůr

Ceplast, s.r.o.-potrubí,rozvodná technika

Sell sewer pipes, drainage and concrete products.

Plzeňská 184, Cerhovice

Bohdan Kadlec-kožená galanterie

Manufacture and sale of small leather goods.

Okružní 390/1, Beroun

Stavebniny - Vladimír Krasanovský, s.r.o.

Wholesale construction materials.

Hostomice 31, Hostomice

Ing. Lenka Gotthardová,vydavatelství

We have distributors and publishers of the magazine with a horse theme.

Bezdědice 53, Hostomice

Maly - Bohemia, s.r.o.-topenářství,sanitární technika

Retail sales of heating and sanitary equipment.

Sadová 167/3, Beroun

Věra Strachová - Harmonie - Vera-papírnictví,dorgerie

Wholesale paper products, and drugstores.

Lištice 23/5, Beroun

OLYMPIA, spol. s r.o.-hodinářství

Making and selling watches.

Fibichova 513/2, Beroun

Goba, s.r.o.,papírnictví

We produce and sell stationery and office goods.

U Vápenice 185, Beroun

Euromusica, s.r.o.-hudebniny

We offer distribution of jazz music, classical and world music.

Nádraží 130, P.O.Box 251, Beroun


Publishing and distribution of regional weekly newspaper Echo

Politických vězňů 40, Beroun

Martin Novotný - Newsletter - Vydavatelství

Publishing was founded in 1994. From the beginning specialized in periodic and aperiodic titles devoted to taxes, business and law. Currently publishes several ...

Pražská 108/10, Beroun

Ing. Aleš Bulant, inzertní noviny

Production of newspaper advertising.

Havlíčkova 7, Beroun

Marie Trčková - Prodej dárkových předmětů

Wholesale giftware.

Jungmannova 1017/4, Beroun

Václav Houdek - Telora

Wholesale consumer electronics and electrical engineering.

Havlíčkova 10, Beroun

Ekostyl CZ, s.r.o.

Wholesale food.

Plzeňská 305/75, Beroun

Ceka - Velkoobchod obalů

Wholesale packaging.

Na Máchovně 1270, Beroun


Publishing akvaristického journal.

Květnová 69, Vráž

Jiří Frýdl-pila,řezivo

Wood, production and sale of building and timber joinery, roof trusses for the roof and fuel dříví.Impregnujeme timber against wood-destroying fungi and insects.

Hostomice 455, Hostomice


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