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Michal Zrůbecký - Váš odborník na počítače

K Bunkru 203, Hlásná Třebaň

CMS Consulting, s.r.o.

We provide comprehensive solutions to the problems of computer networks, sales of computer and office technology, graphic design studio, desktop publishing, advertising services, web design, wireless internet. Sheltered workshop provides assembly, packing and bonding products.

Česká 47/3, Beroun-Centrum

Václav Sládek

Complete servicing of computers and game consoles. Implementation and administration of computer networks.

Josefa Hory 1103/3, Beroun-Město

Vladimír Šolc VS - Soft

Development and production of software.

Hájka z Libočan 17, Beroun-Zavadilka

Dalti, s.r.o.

Screening medical information systems for digital processing and archiving of video data and management of clinical data.

Fibichova 513/2, Beroun-Závodí

Alena Vedralová - Katalen

Implementation of business in the field of computer technology.

Mánesova 141, Liteň

Ivan Házl

Sales of computers, peripherals and accessories. Servicing of computer equipment.

Čs. armády 9, Zdice

Petr Moravec-prodej výpočetní techniky

Sell communication and computing.

Školní 121, Zadní Třebaň

Tomáš Kšír, prodej výpočetní techniky

Offer information technology, customer service.

Chyňava 110, Chyňava

Knoppy Laboratories, spol. s r.o.

E-commerce with hardware and software installation and network administration.

Na Veselou 191/20, Beroun-Závodí

Josef Kyncl - Jokyn

Sale and servicing of computer equipment.

Tovární 43, Beroun-Město

Jaroslav Stehlík

Calculation techniques provide servicing, selling computers, laptops and accessories, complete IT management, web page creation, E-shop, corporate graphics.

Na Máchovně 1270, Beroun-Město

Ing. Petr Koukal

Sales of computer, office and telecommunications equipment. Offer courses for basic computer operation.

Pražská 1349/22, Hořovice

Jan Klement - JK servis

Computer Service, providing promotional activities.

Nový Jáchymov 158, Nový Jáchymov

Michal Huml

Offer Gramis geographic information system and software for financial and budgetary organizations.

Okružní 422, Komárov

Jakub Kymlička

Sale and servicing of computer equipment. Build custom PC. Implementation and administration of computer networks. Sales of consumables.

Okružní 423, Komárov

Jiří Růžička - TMR Software

Sales of computer equipment. Installation of satellite Internet access and computer network administration.

Žloukovice 23, Nižbor

Tomáš Krejčí

Sell computers and their components, software, mobile phones and digital cameras. Installing operating systems. Web page creation.

Stradonice 182, Nižbor

COMP-TRADE, s.r.o.

Nám. M. Poštové 854, Beroun

Abaro, s.r.o.

Sales of computer, office and telecommunications equipment.

Souběžná 266, Hýskov

Pavel Herold, prodej školského systému Bakaláři

Offer advice on information technology, sales and service Bachelors education system.

Berounská 424, Hýskov

Ing. Jan Zelený

Servicing of computer equipment.

Chaloupky 116, Chaloupky

Petr Janovský - servis a opravy kan. techniky

Office equipment repair.

Svatojánská 211/7, Beroun

David Vágner

Servicing of computer equipment. Sales of hardware and software. Network administration. Offer advice and training. Production of internet presentations.

Okružní 472/1, Beroun-Město

Ivan Rehora - A je to!

Sales and service of computer and digital technology.

Okružní 1467/6, Beroun-Město

PJcomp, s.r.o.

Offer of making web pages, software applications and sales of computer equipment. Training in computers.

Havlíčkova 10, Beroun

Q-Das, spol. s r.o.

The company was founded in 1997 and operates as statistical consultants in all industries. Ensures the development, delivery and service program for monitoring and evaluating manufacturing processes.

Vít. Hálka 1654, Beroun

RGMT Group, spol. s r.o.

Offer programs for the design of gardens and interiors in 3D modeling.

Nádraží 129, P.O.Box 25, Beroun

Roman Hošek, dodavatel výpočetní techniky

The company, specializing in custom manufacturing of computer technology for small businesses and households. It focuses mainly on users who require computing tailored to the specific needs and personal approach suppliers.

Steinerova 53, Beroun

Surtep, s.r.o.

Wholesale and retail sale of games and gaming accessories. Dispatch of ordered goods within 24 hours, delivery address within two working days.

Švermova 1368/2, Beroun

Monika Prošková-servis výpočetní techniky

We provide service of computer equipment,

Vít. Hálka 1523, Beroun

Ladislav Roll-prodej a servis počítačů

Sales and service of computers.

Běštín 146, Běštín

PPS computer, s.r.o.

* We are a young dynamic company that flexibly meet the requirements of its customers. Selects appropriate solutions for their IT infrastructure. * Each client ...

Hudlice ev.č. 76, Hudlice

Ing. Jaroslav Kovařík

Repair of computer equipment.

Na Vyhlídce 421, Hudlice

Michal Matějka,servis kancelářské a výpočetní techniky

Sales and service office and computer equipment. Offer copiers, printers, computers, toner or fax. Ensuring carved ads and stickers.

Masarykova 1418/5a, Hořovice

Zdeněk Jančí

Sales and service of computers, providing Internet access.

Slavíkova 316/6, Hořovice

Terasoft, a.s.

Sales of educational programs for elementary and secondary schools. The offer includes practice in Czech, English and German languages, mathematics, science, geography, history, physics, chemistry and computer science.

Vísecké náměstí 1280/15, Hořovice

Pavel Zavadil-hardware

We offer repair and sale of computer hardware.

Újezd 15, Újezd

Second Life PC, s.r.o.

Sales of computers, printers and accessories.

U Vodojemu 301, Cerhovice

HASO Computer, s.r.o.

Haso Computer Company Ltd. was founded in 1994. Before that date, she worked as an individual named Haso. Company headquarters is in the Royal Court in Výšinách where all company facilities. Business Centre is in the Beroun Hus Square.

Králův Dvůr 222, Králův Dvůr


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